VeggieTales Lettuce Love One Another DVD Review

Lettuce Love One Another

from VeggieTales


I was recently part of VeggieTales Blog Tour for Lettuce Love One Another. Each day of the tour incorporated a lesson from the DVD and had FREE printables.  There are so many things your child can learn just by watching this DVD with all their friends from VeggieTales.

The Daily Lessons were as follows:Monday’s lesson: God doesn’t want us to spread words that hurt, God wants us to spread nice words.

Free Printable: Kindness Chart and Punch Card?  You can find the link HERE


Tuesday’s lesson: Use Nice Words

Free Printable: Learn to use “lettuce” to make “Stamp Art”.  Go HERE to get the link.


Wednesday’s lesson: I can show love to others by ______.

Free Printable: Service Coupons. Available HERE.


Thursday’s lesson: Love Others

Free Printables: CookieTags with Treat Tag Instructions – Go HERE for the links.


Friday’s lesson: God Loves YOU!!

Free Printable: God Made You Special – 8×10 Printable – Go HERE to find the links.


Lettuce Love One Another DVD includes:
  • Tomato Sawyer & Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Rescue
  • Abe & the Amazing Promise and
  • King George & the Ducky
  • Over 2 hours running time
  • Includes popular VeggieTales titles, 3 Silly Songs and other bonus features
  • New animated “Bible bits” that feature lessons in forgiveness, helping, giving, praying, and sharing

VeggieTales is the place to go when you want wholesome entertainment for your family. In addition to the DVDs they also have movies, clothing, books, toys and more. Be sure to check out the VeggieTales website. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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  1. I love veggie tales! And what a great selection of printables. It’s so nice to be able to turn a fun movie into a total learning experience.

  2. Chevy Reid Roper says:

    My family loves VeggieTales!! I love all of these printable ideas. My family is going to have a blast with them! Thank you so much for sharing! Great review!

  3. My kids love Veggietales.. I like the printables and also that the movie has the Bible Bits feature.

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