Green Eggs and Ham Recipes Said Sam I Am – In Honor of Dr. Suess’ Birthday!

Have you ever fixed green eggs and ham?

There are so many, many ways you see, to have green eggs and ham. I’ll show you! Come with me…..

I have to admit I never made green eggs and ham so I decided to look for some recipes online. The easiest way to have green eggs and ham is to add green food coloring and diced ham to scrambled eggs. I found so many different ways to fix green eggs and ham. Utterly amazing!

Food Network has recipes from many of the chefs you may follow. Rachel Ray has a Green Eggs & Ham recipe. How about Green Deviled Eggs & Ham from Aida Mollencamp. Here’s a Green Eggs & Ham recipe from Tyler Florence that looks to be quite different than the others I found.

Paula Dean has 2 green eggs and ham recipes on her website. Green Eggs and Ham Omelet (gets its green coloring from spinach) from Food editor Sarah Carey. Green Eggs and Ham (gets its green coloring from arugula) from Paula Dean.


Yield: 2-3 servings
Prep Time: 5 min.
Cook Time: 5 min.
  • 1 glass mixing bowl (medium)
  • Whisk
  • Frying Pan/skillet
  • Spatchula
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1/4 cup milk (optional)
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 2-3 drops of Green-Food Coloring (some recipes call for blue)
  • 1/4 cup Ham
  • Salt and pepper (if desired)
Crack the eggs into the bowl. Add milk (if desired). Add 2-3 drops of green-food coloring. Add seasoning (if desired). Beat the ingredients until the color is mixed throughout. You can mince the ham and add it to the eggs (or cook the ham separately, and serve it on the side).
Heat the pan, and add butter (let it melt). Pour the eggs into the pan, cook at medium heat for 2-3 minutes (until the eggs have begun to set), and then turn/fold the eggs over with the spatchula). Cut (or chop) the green egg into pieces–however you prefer it.

Have you ever made Green Eggs and Ham? What is your special way of creating this Dr. Seuss dish?

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  1. i didn’t know it was his birthday!!
    Alicia K recently posted..Snowquester in NOVAMy Profile

  2. Paula V says:

    Ahhh,,,I love Dr. Suess. Happy Birthday to him.

  3. Ooo the deviled eggs and ham recipe did not look the way I had thought it would look! Still, these are all excellent and creative ideas to really celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday! Now I really want to make some green eggs!

  4. Maddie K says:

    I have three favorite books of all time and Green Eggs and Ham is one of them. In college I had a class where we had to memorize a book. I memorized Green Eggs…LOL.

  5. Thanks for sharing, cant wait until Ethan is older so I can do fun stuff like this with him.

  6. I wouldn’t be able to eat it. I do love the book though!

  7. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I always love Dr. Suess’s books as a child. Thank-you for the recipe. My kids will get a kick out it.

  8. I love Dr. Seuss I’ve never made green eggs and ham though.
    Denise Taylor-Dennis recently posted..Giveaway – Kindle Fire US OnlyMy Profile

  9. sheila ressel says:

    Happy Birthday Dr.Suess. I loved reading all of his books when I was young.

  10. Heather Howard says:

    As much as I love Dr Seuss…I don’t think I would be able to eat green eggs and ham….I know its only food coloring…but…eeewwwwww

  11. md kennedy says:

    As a vegetarian, can’t eat the ham, but tofu or tempeh will do instead. And Happy (belated) B-Day dr. Seuss! Grinch is y all-time favorite so the green eggs is appropriate for that, too.

  12. Rich Hicks says:

    Must say this is the first time I have heard of adding coloring to eggs. What a great and fun way to surprise everyone some morning with a big plate of green eggs and ham!

  13. Aw, how much fun that would be to make for the kids. Happy Birthday to Dr. Suess!

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