Are you eligible for any Class Action Rebates?

Are you eligible for any Class Action Rebates?

I came across a website that lists current Class Action Rebates. Included with the list is the date by which you must submit the claim form, the amount of the potential settlement, and whether you need proof of purchase. I was able to complete claim forms for 2 of the items.

You can see all the information at


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  1. Bookmarking for future use! THanks!

  2. We actually got a check from one of these before, they contacted us and let us know what was going on, and I just forgot about it, never expecting anything to come of it. It was against our credit card company. Anyways, last yer we got a check for $15 or something. Lol. So sometimes it does actually happen!

  3. Jennifer Johansen says:

    That’s interesting. Thank you!

  4. approximately when can i expect a refund from turbotax class action lawsuit?

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