About Us

Our gadget magazine features the most exciting, coolest and latest technology, including fascinating devices. They are the drones, 3D printers, smart homes, sports technology and VR among others. Our site goes beyond explaining how different gadgets work by giving advice on how the devices are used. This site is different from the rest because it has used a new formula to provide detailed information on gadgets while at the same time celebrating the real world and fun technology applications.

Our values

This site is one of the few mass-market magazines entirely giving valuable information on gadgets, explaining how most sophisticated devices work, giving you honest advice on the decisions you can make before buying certain gadgets and providing a practical approach to technology. We offer world class design and intelligent writing. We do not compromise critical opinion, quality of our products or advice.

All images in our magazine are of high quality that aims at readership by technologically literate people of a wide age gap of between 24 to 37 years old. The images ensure affluent and sophisticated readers get high quality, intelligent and detailed information. Our creative team of editors tirelessly works on innovation, push boundaries of editorial ideas, packaging, design and format to ensure you get the best experience and valuable information.

Who we work with

We are proud to be colleagues of most of the best companies worldwide. These close collaborations that we have established help us bring the best offers to you. Working with these great companies enables us to create fruitful and inspirational campaigns and promotions through online platforms, image’s global print and digital portfolios. Collaborations with big and globally recognized companies allow us to offer useful gadgets and honest information about the devices. It will also be easier for you to be served in the case of complaints on faulty devices or warranties. However, this rarely happens since we ensure that the gadgets we offer are in the best condition. We are aware that other sites may serve you after several months of making an order. You can rest assured that this site is dynamic, and customer service comes first.

Where we operate

We are a worldwide publisher and offer content for a large number of successful, well respected international companies. We provide printed images in most countries located in all continents. The leading distribution companies handle our materials. Consequently, the products are stocked by quality, well-known trusted retailers.

What inspires us?

We admire companies that are best in what they provide. Most businesses that are leaders in their areas of specialization give us the motivation to strive for significant achievements in quality and customer satisfaction. Also, we want to inspire other brands by way of handling operations. Our executive team works hard to learn from great companies by ensuring we predict and solve potential problems. It is before they get out of hand. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to learn the art, in perfection, and teach the rest of the companies.

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